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Welcome to MFP FILMS!

MFP Films have provided services and support for projects with budgets from a few thousand to millions of dollars – TV Series and Feature Films, Commercials, Corporate Videos, Photo Shoots, Reality TV and Web-Based Programming and more.

Our experience encompasses car commercials, shoots with process rigs, Russian Arm and helicopter set-ups, fashion and lifestyle commercials and photo shoots, electronics, consumer products, music videos, scripted and non-scripted television series, feature films and documentaries.

Why Choose MFP FILMS?

Local crew

We are managing a professional crew members in Morocco, they are well-versed with the latest technology in film industry. 

locations Database

We own the largest database in all over Morocco, which can be shared upon your request.

Audio equipment

We have huge inventory of wireless microphone and the latest mixers and recorders.


We are certified by CCM (Moroccan Cinematographic Center) which is the authority in charge of film industry, law and regulation in Morocco.

Camera Rental

We have the largest collection of the latest cameras and lenses in Morocco.

Military Equipment

Only few companies can help you in this area, we are one of them. With us you get the opportunity of not only using Moroccan military equipment, but also military personnel.