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Film Equipment Morocco

Looking for film equipment in Morocco, look no further, MFP Films and sister company Morocco Film Production will arrange everything for you from A to Z. Please contact us

Film Crew hire

MFP Films is a New York City based with office in Morocco, we specialized in high-level support services for international producers shooting films, TV or documentaries in Morocco. If you are looking for camera, lighting and grip, sound and production support, we’ve got you covered. For over 10 years, we have supplied dependable crews to projects to the top production companies. Please drop us a line if you need help with your film crew hire in Mo...

Drone hire in Morocco

MFP Films  & sister company Morocco Film Production, provides a full range of drone aerial business solutions in Morocco including aerial photography & video services. Our Drone pilots are FAA certified and insured with over 10 years of experience. Please contact us for you drone hire in Morocco.

Props rental Morocco

We don't just hire props, we can customize them, we have very talent artisan that we work with for many years. We have created old and modern props for film productions companies in Morocco. We have great range that can add that special detail to any set. Please drop us a line if you need help with your props rental in Morocco.